Banana Puree / Concentrates

We provide best quality banana puree concentrate suited for a diverse range of food formulations where absolutely natural banana taste & flavor is essentially required. Our banana puree concentrate can add that delicious natural banana flavor, creamy yellow color, texture, aroma and consistency to whatever food you desire.

Made from perfectly ripened bananas, our banana puree concentrate carries the tropical goodness of the delicious fruit that you can savor to experience a heavenly delight. The puree concentrate is prepared by mashing, homogenizing and finally concentrating the fruit at state-of-the-art processing centers. Whether used for dairy products, jams, jellies, beverages, sauces, bakery products or similar food preparation, our banana puree concentrate will definitely impress always.

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alphonso mango puree
Parameter GroupRange Value
Refractometric Brix @ 20 Deg CelMinimum 20
Acidity As % Anhyd. Citric Acid0.45 – 0.60
pH As Natural3.70-4.50
Consistency – Bostwick<12
Black Specks / 10 gmNil
Brown Specks / 10 gmNMT 10
Total Plate Count cfu/ gm<10
Yeast & Mould Count cfu / gm<10
Coliform Count cfu / gmAbsent
ColourCharacteristic ripe banana Creamy White color
FlavourCharacteristics of Banana.
TasteCharacteristic ripe banana taste.
AppearanceUniform, homogeneous smooth, free from fibers and any foreign

and Extraneous matter.
215 Kg Aseptic bag in a drum. Such 80 drums will be loaded in a 20
FT container.
SHELF – LIFE24 Months
12 months from the date of production under ambient storage
conditions (25 – 30°C) and 24 months at < 25°C.

ABC Fruits is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Banana Puree / Concentrate in India.

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Banana Puree / Concentrates
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