Organic Alphonso Mango Pulp / Puree

Aseptic Organic Alphonso Mango Pulp & Puree is extracted from sound mature and selected ripened Organic Alphonso Mango fruits. The process involves selection of ripe organic Alphonso mangoes, washing, cutting, inspection, pulping, decantation or separation and passing through foreign matter control such as magnetic trap, Strainer, Metal detector devices, thermal processing in PLC Aseptic Sterilization and packed in Aseptic bags in MS drums with polyliner inside. The product is manufactured under stringent hygiene conditions throughout the process line and continuous monitoring by QA to comply with quality and Food safety standards.

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alphonso mango puree
Parameter GroupRange Value
Refractometric Brix @ 20 Deg CelMinimum 16
Acidity As % Anhyd. Citric Acid0.45 – 0.80
pH As Natural3.50 – 4.0
Consistency – Bostwick8 – 12
Black Specks / 10 gmNIL
Brown Specks / 10 gmNMT 10
Total Plate Count cfu/ gm<10
Yeast & Mould Count cfu / gm<10
Coliform Count cfu / gmAbsent
E. coli / mlAbsent
Salmonella / 25mlAbsent
L.monocytogenes / 25mlAbsent
Vibriocholerae / 25mlAbsent
ColourOrange yellow
Flavour & AromaTypical of ripe Alphonso mango
without any off flavor
TasteCharacteristics of ripe Alphonso
mango fruit
AppearanceHomogenous puree & free of any
foreign matter
Aseptic Bag-In- Steel Drums – Net 215 Kgs
3.10 Kgs A – 10 OTS Cans X 6Nos X1 Carton – 18.600 Kgs Nett
Bag – In – Drums – 80 Drums / 20 Ft Dry Container
Can – In – Cartons – 1000 Cartons / 20 Ft Fcl
Recommended Storage Temp = @10 Deg. Cel.
Maximum Storage Temp = @25 Deg. Cel.
SHELF – LIFE24 Months
24 Months @ 10 Deg. Cel.
18 Months @ 25 Deg. Cel.

ABC Fruits is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Aseptic Organic Alphonso Mango Pulp / Puree in India.

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