Our Chairman

Our Chairman

G. Vijayan

ABC Fruits



Mr. G. Vijayan is an entrepreneur bar none. Mr. Vijayan started his career in a well-reputed government bank, Union Bank of India, after completion of his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Agriculture. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to the start of several successful organisations in and around his hometown Bargur, situated in Krishnagiri district, Tamilnadu, India.

During the last days of his career as a bank manager, Mr. Vijayan helped successfully establish his entry into the Indian fruit processing industry by setting up a small canning unit called Rathnavel Fruit Products Private Limited. After realising the potential of the industry, he quit his lucrative job as a bank manager to dedicate himself to the newly established manufacturing plant.

Mr. Vijayan has successfully created a name for himself in the Indian fruit processing industry by expanding his manufacturing capacity to aseptic packaging with the set up of Aseptic Fruit Products India Private Limited. With the set up of this new plant, he was able to capture the high-end markets in Europe, where there is huge demand for aseptically packed fruit pulps and concentrates.

After enjoying tremendous growth in the industry, Mr. Vijayan decided to set up a new plant that will conform to international standards from the ground up. This desire resulted in his biggest manufacturing plant – ABC Fruits. Situated right in the centre of the mango growing region in South India, ABC Fruits is well-established to take advantage of its proximity to produce fruit pulp of the highest quality. ABC Fruits was set up to cater specifically to international customers. It has succeeded in this main goal by steadily increasing exports since inception in 2010.

Having made his mark in the Indian fruit processing industry, Mr. Vijayan, in his capacity as our chairman, provides overall direction to his highly-trained staff at all of his manufacturing plants. Moreover, having had extensive educational and industrial experience in the fruit processing industry, he provides his valuable agricultural advice to the orchard owners to maximise their produce.