Our Fruits Pulps/Concentrates

Mango fruit pulps and concentrates are processed from fruits which are selected and graded under strict quality control by our technical expertise to ensure that our customers get only the best. Our fruit pulps are hot packed in cans or aseptically packed in bags kept in MS drums.

The detailed specifications of the pulps are as hereunder:

T.S.S. (Brix) Minimum14169
ACIDITY (As Citric Acid) Minimum0.4%0.5%0.35%
PULPINGPassed Through 1/32" mesh sievePassed Through 1/32" mesh sievePassed Through 1/32" mesh sieve
ColourYellowGolden YellowCreamish White
FLAVOURCharacteristic of Totapuri MangoCharacteristic of Alphonso MangoCharacteristic of Guava
MICROBIOLOGYAnalysis result after incubating at 37 C for 14 days show: (I) Total Plate Court - Nil (ii) Yest - Nil (iii) Mould - Nil
FRUIT SEASONMay-JulyApril-MayAugust-January
Product Technical Specifications Mode of Packing  Seasons
Pulp & ConcentrateBrixAcidity PackingSeasons
At 20 C% as Citric Acid AsepticCans
Natural Alphonso Mango Pulp16-180.5 to 0.7 215 Kg.3.1 Kg.April-May
Natural Totapuri Mango Pulp14-160.4 to 0.6 215 Kg.3.1 Kg.May-July
Natural Kesar Mango Pulp14-170.5 to 0.6 215 Kg.3.1 Kg.June-July
Natural Raspuri Mango Pulp16-180.4 to 0.6 210 Kg.3.1 Kg.April-May
Natural White/Pink Guava Pulp9-110.4 to 0.6 210 Kg.3.1 Kg.August-January
Red/Yellow Papaya Pulp
7-90.4 to 0.6 220 Kg.September-February
Acidified Banana Pulp20-220.5 to 1.5 220 Kg.November-February
Totapuri Mango ConcentrateMin.280.6 to 1.0 228 Kg.June-August
Banana Concentrate32-340.6 to 1.2 230 Kg.November-February
Acidified Banana Concentrate32-340.6 to 1.2 230 Kg.November-February
White/Pink Guava Concentrate19-210.4 to 1.3 220 Kg.November-February
Red/Yellow Papaya Concentrate19-210.4 to 1.3 220 Kg.September-February
Pomegranate Juice10-130.5 to 0.7 210 Kg.November-February
Pomegranate juice ConcentrateMin.650.6 250 Kg.November-February