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ABC FruitsĀ is the leading pineapple juice manufacturer in India. PineappleĀ juiceĀ is extracted from pineapples that originated in South America and were introduced to Europe in the 17th century. Later, Hawaii became the dominant producer of pineapples in the 20th century followed by Brazil and the Philippines. Pineapple is the third most significant tropical fruit produced in the world. Pineapples are predominantly cultivated in Kerala, Karnataka and West Bengal.

OurĀ pineapple juiceĀ is manufactured from sound mature, handpicked, high quality and fresh pineapple fruits. TheĀ pineapple JuiceĀ is manufactured under stringent hygienic conditions and the processing line is strictly monitored. Our international quality and impeccable customer service made us one of the most preferredĀ Pineapple juice manufacturers in India.Ā 

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