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Food Process Technology

We have expertise and experience in fruit processing and infrastructure, enabling us to process a variety of fruit products in different packaging formats

The plant was constructed with European standards in mind. All raw materials flow through mechanised conveyors only, both for unloading raw mangoes and for feeding of fruits. The plant is fitted with a 10 ton mono block steriliser and double effect evaporator. This evaporator is a specially designed hybrid that creates concentrate of the highest colour. The output capacity of this evaporator is 7.5 MT per hour of 28 – 30 Brix concentrate. Our unit is the most modern and hygienic of all plants in the Indian mango pulp industry.

Aseptic Packing

Our aseptic processing of fruit pulps is done using imported machinery. Our adherence of good manufacturing practices is evident in our aseptic processing. The entire plant is designed, constructed and equipped as per international standards. Our plant is located in the heart of India’s fruit growing belt.